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Ellen in Prosper Magazine: The Mother of All Income Opportunities

Ellen in Prosper Magazine

The Mother of All Income Opportunities

Ellen Bradley Ganus fought for her son while he overcame a life-threatening blood disease as a toddler. Now Tyler, age 12, is one of the nation’s top-ranked baseball players for his age and he just returned from the Pan-American Games,

where he pitched two combined no-hitters for Team USA.

“Because of Isagenix, I’ve been able to nurture my children’s God-given talents and afford them opportunities I couldn’t have without significant cash flow,” Ellen says.

Her daughter, Spencer, age 15, is a classical pianist and dancer. Both Ganus children are straight-A students and have followed their parents’ footsteps into modeling, acting and performing. In fact, Spencer can be heard as the voice of ‘Teen Elsa’ in Disney’s blockbuster movie, “Frozen.” Before Isagenix, Ellen was facing a million-dollar debt for Tyler’s medical bills. Now, her significant residual income and ultimate time freedom allow her to be the kind of mother her talented kids appreciate. Their family culture was created as Tyler was hospitalized during his formative years. With an urgency to embrace every moment and live life to the fullest, Ellen recognized Isagenix as the vehicle to fund their dreams. When they play, they play full out.

“We came to believe that nothing is worth pursuing if you don’t give it your all. We want to live with no regrets, and are so grateful for each opportunity,” Ellen says. Ellen believes everything that has happened in her life has prepared her for this moment, to fully embrace the Isagenix story and mission. As a consummate student of personal development, she loves living outside her comfort zone and recognizes that in doing so, her business grows proportionately. She also loves to inspire others about the often mis-understood industry of network marketing. The first step of a successful partnership is developing trust, and Ellen says this is easily achieved by the results people get from both the product line and the comp plan. She then moves gracefully from acting as a coach, to becoming a mentor, and ultimately a tough accountability partner. Her talent as a business strategist allows her The Mother of All Income Opportunities Her passion for personal development and health led Ellen Bradley Ganus to Isagenix, which allows her to cultivate her children’s God-given talents. to help others set and achieve goals, no matter the size. She applies her experience as a mother to her role of servant leader to her team. “We cultivate a culture where everyone works together to develop their vision and brand,” Ellen says. “We pool our resources to leverage our individual strengths, and then achieve more together. Our lives are scheduled with purpose, and our time managed accordingly. Afterall, the way you do anything, is the way you do everything.”

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