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Ellen in Divine Living Magazine

How actress & Mother Ellen Bradley Ganus created a 7-Figure Business with Multi-Level Marketing

“I never knew what my true potential was as an entrepreneur, because I was focused solely on the path of an artist.” As a professional actress, my long-time and dear friend Ellen Bradley Ganus had developed a certain relationship with money. Her career spanning TV, film, commercial, and print work did not afford her long-term security, and when serious challenges hit her family, she knew there had to be a better way to do life.

“At the age of two, my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease,” Ellen told us. “During the four year journey that followed I was truly tested, and we ended up with an unimaginable debt. I learned that if you always trade your time for money, you will never create massive abundance and you will surely be devastated when you don’t have time to earn.”

At that moment Ellen chose to take a stand for her family and quality of life. Several years before, soon after her son had been born, she had received a gift: a nutritional cleansing program called Isagenix. Both Ellen and her husband saw tremendous results from using the products, experiencing weight loss and energy boosts far beyond what they would have thought possible. Organically, Ellen began to share her passion for the products, beginning on her journey as an entrepreneur.

And after going through this tremendous challenge with her son’s health, Ellen decided to take things to the next level. With little more than a desire to share her message and create something positive in the world, she flew to Arizona to meet the Founders of Isagenix. She became a student of network marketing, read every financial book she could, and became dedicated to her personal development.

“I knew that if others were prospering, so could I. I slowly built a team made up of friends and strangers, and partnered with the vision of the company as I contributed to the multi-billion dollar success of Isagenix. I became a multi-million dollar earner and was officially an entrepreneur of the 21st century!”

As a natural networker, connector, and promoter of people (as most of us women are), Ellen unlocked the amazing potential for earning and impact offered by multi-level marketing, or MLM for short. “MLM is the most misunderstood industry in the world,” Ellen explains. “Once people dive in, research, and let go of the ill-conceived notions they may have, they will find it to be the most fair and the most lucrative way to make leveraged income.”

It’s true—notably, there are more female millionaires in the MLM industry than any other. It is one of the few opportunities in this world that does not discriminate, that doesn’t require fancy degrees, large investments, or special titles. It allows women at all levels to thrive on our social skills and passion for helping others, while having the freedom to work when we want, be with our families, and use our feminine power to create our dream careers.

“MLM can be an amazing stepping stone. With the right company, you can create a platform for your own brand, and do so much more. I have been able to tour and speak around the world, author books, finance new projects and contribute to charities—all as a result of my success in this business.”

Essential to Ellen’s success with MLM was to redefine her relationship with money and understand abundance as her birthright. “As an actor, I was living with a broke mentality, like many other artists that wait around for others to give them their opportunity. I never knew that you can grow an asset without raising capital or investing your own money, and I never knew I could ever earn residually what I am receiving now.”

In Ellen’s company, there is no limit to what one can earn. The only investment needed is in yourself, and the only way to fail, Ellen says, is to quit. This year, Ellen is continuing to expand her impact, with everything from new acting and entertainment projects, to inspiring books and presentations, plus mentoring driven entrepreneurs around the world. If you’re interested in working with Ellen and learning more, you can reach her at theganusgroup. And be sure to check out her three tips for starting a career in MLM below!

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