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I hold Tyler in my arms every night and watch him sleep. He is 3 years old now, and getting big for our bed! But, somehow, amongst the sleepless nights, there is a profound comfort in holding him close, listening to him breathe and seeing a beautiful and peaceful look on his face. Quite often, he laughs in his sleep. His outbursts of "No! No! Don't hurt me!" seem like a million years ago and at the same time, just like yesterday. I look around my room and feel the comfort of our down comforter...and I am instantly grateful. It is the small and insignificant moments that seem to jolt me into a space of gratefulness, away from the confusion, sadness and fear. However, the journey far, so good. ​        Tyler was born on 6-18 at 8:16 in room 618...what a coincidence! Some sort of blessing. eh? He was perfect in every, handsome, charming. He was a bit of a handful, especially coming after my oh-so-mellow daughter Spencer, who is now 6 years old. Tyler liked to have things his way, and it taught me greater lessons in patience, than ever before. ​        At Tyler's 2nd year check up, I decided to give him a Tetnus shot, in combination with Diptheria...he was very active, it was recommended to us, and frankly, I was tired of the fight not to vaccinate. It was two weeks later, when we noticed that he started to bruise... a lot...dark purple and bright pink bruises. I thought that it was a weird vitamin deficiency or something and didn't take him to the doctor until a week later. My daughter had a minor burn on her arm and we all went to the office together. While we were there, I had Dr. Harvey examine Tyler. He sent us to draw blood right away. Each day that followed was filled with more and more frightening news...I always considered myself to be very strong, but this was the beginning of a new life that was about to derail me. On Paul's birthday July 28th, 2004... we checked into Children's Hospital Los Angeles and didn't know if we would ever make it out... Tyler was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. The only thing that the doctors were certain of was that it was a post viral condition (related to his exposure to Epstein-Bar and Fifths Disease) and it was very rare. His bone marrow was empty and no cells were being produced. I was sure that they examined the wrong blood! This was impossible! How could he still have so much energy and seem perfect in every way? How could he have the strength to "box" with his Elmo balloons? I certainly didn't! In fact, I think I scared most of the hospital staff with my outbursts. I would run aimlessly through the corridors, trying to escape my situation...just to end up crumpled on the floor in the arms of a social worker. They were not used to an emotional actress!....Most parents there were more repressed and didn't react like me. My first night was the worst. I was in a dark room (the parents sleeping quarters) with no windows, 2 social workers, 2 special friends and I was literally climbing the walls. It was like being on an hallucinagenic drug. I wanted to jump out of my skin. I wanted to wake up from this nightmare and have it all go away. I was certain of only one thing: if Tyler didn't make it, neither would I. I would sneak out to the playroom in the middle of the night, and the custodian would unlock the door and she would clean the room. I sat in a chair that was too small for me and listened to the Spanish prayers of my new friend. It somehow was comforting, at least for a moment. It was surreal. I would look at all the toys, and the was a happy became Tyler's favorite place. It became his preschool. We would be squeezing between each other's IV poles, and the moms would be high fiving each other when bone marrow matches were found. At least Tyler had hair. It grew a lot due to his medication. Under the amazing leadership of Dr. Thomas Coates (an angel and a hematologist!) we embarked on a healing journey and prayed for a miracle. We were supported by an incredible hospital staff, Paula Berlin, social worker extraordinaire and nurse Sue Rhoades gave us unparalleled kindness...a new belief in people but an even greater belief the possibility of a future, too. ​        It is amazing to quickly create such intimate bonds with people that you hardly know! Tyler became very popular. He was known as Bandaid Boy. He would cover his bruises with bandaids and end up with special artwork all over his body. The more bandaids he had the less places they could stick the needles! I had to remove them daily, so he wouldn't infect himself, so people would line up to see the new artwork each day. Visitors couldn't bring flowers, due to germs, so we just asked for bandaids. What a collection we had!        Spencer wasn't a bone marrow match so we opted for a chemo type treatment to help turn his body back on When the doctors rolled in the Oxygen tanks and other respiratory machines it was scary but it wasn't until the sweet young resident Dr. Nathan took my hands and asked me if he could pray that I became more afraid doctors never did that! Even he was scared. We were so lucky We had so much love sent our way. Tyler was being prayed for all over the world and my sisters the greatest circle of friends that you could ask for were taking care of Spencer as she got ready for her first day of kindergarten She had never even slept out before! She moved from house to house having sleepovers with her favorite preschool friends (for over 1 month) and this group along with our other friends and family became our life-line ​        Our families and friends continued to share their blood and tears. We lived at the hospital with Tyler for 3 straight months not knowing if he would survive. He made it through the treatment without any side effects. He became transfusion independent in October. He survived on the blood and platelets of our friends. There was no supply at the hospital and at times we even had extra to share with our new friends on the 4th floor. Tyler is now in his first year of preschool. He loves life. He laughs a lot. He is thriving I am told that he is incredibly smart and emotionally mature I hesitate to share what we have been through...I want life to be simple again the way it used to be when I thought it was so complicated and busy! I hold on to my daughter's words... "Tonight mommy, I have a different prayer it is not for Tyler, it is for you pray to God to let you know that Tyler is gonna be okay." I didn't realize how difficult it would be to write this article procrastinated, cried and gave up many times! ​        It is not easy to be vulnerable these days. This journey is different from any other pain I've known. It is not death it is not physical pain (although it can manifest as that) it is a strange sort of gripping fear. What happened to my faith? Is faith knowing that I can handle whatever life deals me, or is faith knowing that God will heal my son? I don't know anything anymore Many people keep telling me how strong I am, but I don't feel strong at all Perhaps true strength is the ability to let all your emotions show When the night would roll in it was the most difficult I would wonder if we would all face the next day together and so far, we have I read this poem every night in the hospital and it really helped me a lot

Voyager LA

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Live your Dreams!

       I started this business as an occidental entrepreneur, lol. I had been in entertainment all my life and working as an actress. I received the products as a gift when I was pregnant with my son in 2002. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this would become a business that would forever change the lives of our family and friends, After our stellar results, simply did what I always do when I love something! I shared it with people I cared about. Since everyone is always looking for solutions to support their health, energy, and fitness, this new technology that produced immediate results was an exciting system for all. People were dropping weight without the traditional diet and feeling full of energyl With systems that centered around "intermittent fasting. Isagenix was way ahead of the curve, back in 2002. Now, our published medical studies prove that we are a science based company with products that are trusted and respected

       The business shift happened after my son recovered from a life-threatening blood disease and we had spent years at Children's Hospital. Not only were we left with a substantial debt, but we also learned the importance of cleansing the body at the cellular level. I felt compelled to share my message of what we had been through to help support the health of other families. Aligning with Isagenix, mode "health and cleansing' my platform. My husband and kids all got on the road with me as we shared our message through meetings, events, telephone calls and with anyone that was interested. As we were able to pay off our debt, we realized that this largely misunderstood business model was the key to designing our lives, funding our dreams and having true time freedom. I soon became passionate about the financial opportunity and my platform grow to include an amazing way to help artists, families and young people also create additional income in their lives.

Has it been a smooth road?

       Launching any new business has its many challenges, and for us it was particularly challenging while on food stomps offer our long hospital ordeal with our son. I was emotionally broken and constantly luggling time as a full-time mom of two young children and on entrepreneur with o new career. I did not know anything about network marketing and it seemed that a lot of people had negative opinions about the industry. I had to become very educated about this distribution model, read every book I could, and rely upon my extraordinary mentors I was fortunate to have.

An actor's life is riddled with so much rejection that it prepared me well for the rejection I faced in this new coreer. However, exploring my belief systems around money and success and taking charge of my own destiny were totally new to me. I discovered that many of the things that hold us back are between our ears,' so I held tightly onto my vision and borrowed the belief that others had in me to forge ahead. knew that by serving others, I would not only build a successful business, but I would also be deeply fulfilled. Through the years, I had mony more challenges, even as my business was thriving. I was hospitalized with exhaustion after many speaking tours on the road and learned that self-care must be a priority, I broke my kneecap and was in surgery and rehab for a year, which took my complete energy and focus to heal. was also the caretaker and advocated for my husband offer a concer diagnosis required chemo and rodiation for him to heal. Through it all! recognized the importance and necessity for passive residual income, so when we are faced with life's challenges, we have the resources and the time to take care of ourselves and those we love.

Please tell us about Isagenix International.

        Isagenix is a trusted and respected organization that exists to inspire and empower individuals, families, and communities to live their best lives through a journey of nutrition, health, and overall wellness. We operate in 20 countries and provide life changing products to more than half a million customers across the globe for the last 17 years. I believe that we have redefined network marketing and are hovec reputation of a company that is doing it right.' With an equal playing field for all anyone con participate regardless of educational background, gender and oge. Individuals set up their goals, choose their nutritional system, and have the opportunity to build a business by sharing their success story. I was privileged to align with this company from its inception when there were just a few of us with a dream. As a founding executive, helped shape its development and contribute to over seven billion dollars in cumulative sales. Our nocompromise commitment to product formulations and sourcing of raw materials is very unique in the marketplace. We work with vendors that focus on ethical sourcing and Sustainability, and we have a goal of zero waste packaging by 2028. Isagenix is one of the few nutritional companies with published medical studies on the efficacy of their products. It is an honor to help others set up their health goals and achieve results that they can't get anywhere else. The intimate relationships that I enjoy are built on the foundations of trust, commitment and inspiration. When people decide to share this opportunity with others and create new streams of income, they become part of my business team and enjoy a new community of friends. As a Crusader for all people, it is my passion to awaken dreams and help everyone create a life filled with a deep sense of purpose, radiant health and abundant cash flow.
I love that Isagenix is focused on making a difference in the world. I am so inspired by the work of our nonprofit organization, the Iso Foundation, "ISA" stands for Inspire (inspire generosity and positive change by paying it forward), Share give a helping hand, we can all do our share), and Advocate (advocate for change and raise awareness). The foundation aligns with our guiding principles and value of contribution. It focuses on healthy nutrition and support for underserved children, wellness education for all, and aid for those affected by natural disasters. We have a colebrated history of generosity and recently donated over 2.4 million dollars worth of Isagenix products, OCIOS 6 countries, to families in need during this time of hardship due to COVID 19.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?

       Los Angeles is a ploce where people want to look and feel their best, so naturally Isagenix is a great business opportunity. We cater to a population of over 12 million people who are in search of natural solutions to boost their immune system and create better health. Working in the entertainment industry, I have successfully shared these products with many Hollywood stars that use Isagenix as their secret weapon to get in shape quickly. This lucrative business opportunity has also been embraced by many Los Angeles artists, who can create supplemental income between gigs. Now, during our current pandemic we offer our community trusted supplements and good nutrition delivered to your home, as well as a turn key online business for all the newly unemployed residents

She's a Tough
Act To Follow

         Ellen considers herself a blessed person. With a husband of 21 years, two beautiful children and a fulfilling carcer as actress, she has much to be thankful for. And in turn, she feels a strong obligation to uplift and inspire others to also fulfill their dreams.


         "I want to be worthy of the wonderful life I have been given. I hope I am able to fulfill my human potential on earth without letting my creator down," Ellen says.


         For Ellen, Isagenix is the perfect way to make that contribu tion. As she shares the Isagenix products and business opportunity she is able to help others transform their mental, physical and financial health.


         This is Ellen's first venture into network marketing. Isagenix was a gift from a friend that had a value greater than anything she had ever imagined. She immediately enjoyed its health benefits. And just a few years later, she also benefited from the generous Isagenix compensation plan. It was at this time that she amassed a serious debt, due to the unforeseen journey of her son's battle and recovery from a life-threatening blood disease.


         One of Ellen's favorite maxims is "You learn, you earn and you return." The gift of Isagenix is allowing Ellen to create a foundation for Children's Hospital Los Angeles, the institution that was home for her son during his 2-year health battle. She is also passionate in her service with Childhelp, an organization dedicated to ending child abuse. 

         Ellen hopes to encourage people to step outside the box of their 9-to-5 realities and into a paradigm that allows them to regain their personal power and time freedom that most don't enjoy.

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